BUGA- CoL Sponges, Lyophilized atelocollagen, ECM proteins suitable for tissue engineering research

BUGA- COL SPONGES is used in tissue engineering applications.

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BUGA- COL SPONGES is used in tissue engineering applications.

It can be used in tissue engineering and cell culture studies.

Information on basic physical and chemical properties
Appearance : Sponge form
Odor : No data available
Packaging quantity : 5 or 25 pieces
Storage temperature : Room temperature
Shelf life : At least 6 months from production date
Disc diameter : ~ 7.5 mm veya ~15.6 mm
Disc thickness : 1.5 mm veya 3 mm
Pore ​​diameter : Average 85-200 microns
Collagen purity- Silver staining : ~98.9
Endotoxin/LAL : <10 EU/ml
Collagen source : Pure Type I collagen from Bovine
Sterilization method : Terminal

Specified use:
It is intended for use only in research and development studies.
Not recommended use:
Not suitable for consumption, medication, food and other uses.
BUGA-CoL Sponge is a biomaterial with pore diameter that cells and medium can pass through and has properties that allow cell migration. Collagen plays a role in the biological functions of the cell (cell proliferation and differentiation), helping damaged tissues heal. It is used as the base matrix for cell culture studies.
The products are 7.5 mm or 15.6 mm in diameter, 1.5 or 3 mm in thickness, 85-200 microns in diameter. Manufactured for 48-well plate (7.5mm) or 24-well plate (15.6mm) cell culture studies.

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