BUGAMED WOUND DRESSING has been developed for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

Why is wound management important? Treatment of wounds due to chronic diseases is a serious socio-economic burden in the world. Acute wounds usually occur as damage to the subcutaneous layer or damage to full-thickness skin as a result of surgery or trauma. Wound is a factor that affects a large number of patients and reduces the quality of life and can be expressed as a kind of interruption in the continuity of body tissue. It can occur with various physical, chemical and mechanical trauma or medical interventions. Traditional and modern dressings, which are often used in wound dressing, are effective but are still insufficient to regenerate lost tissue. Tissue engineering is based on the principle of regeneration and healing of the damaged area of ​​biomaterials produced with biomimetic approach in in-vitro environment if damaged tissues or organs cannot fulfill their functions (Langer and Vacanti, 1993). Today, tissue engineering products and biomaterials developed using tissue scaffolds, cells and biologically active molecules are successfully used in regenerative medicine. Such innovations provide faster, successful recovery, tissue regeneration, and efficient oxygen circulation.
BUGAMED Wound Dressing was designed as a product that treats and targets patients with chronic wounds, with a particular focus on Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFUs). The product is currently being adapted to mass production. We will be sharing the developments in our product with you in the future.

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