BUGAMED SILK FIBROIN, Solutions, 50 mg/mL, sterile filtrated

BUGAMED Silk Fibroin is produced in medical purity.

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BUGAMED Silk Fibroin is produced in medical purity.

It can be used in a biomedical, microfluidic chip, tissue engineering, a natural polymer for 3D printing, Material Science, Biochemistry and cell culture studies.

Information on basic physical and chemical properties
Appearance : Solution, slightly cloudy
Odor : No data available
Packaging quantity : 20 mL
Storage temperature : -70 ºC
Shelf life : At least 6 months from production date
pH : ≥4-4.5
Concentration : ~50 mg/mL
Fibroin purity- SDS Page electrophoresis : Characteristic
Molecular Weight (kDa) : Average mol. weight 100 kDa
Source : Bombyx mori silkworm

Specified use:
It is intended for use only in research and development studies.
Not recommended use:
Not suitable for consumption, medication, food and other uses.
The silkworm, Bombyx mori, knits a cocoon with the substance it secretes from the glands in its mouth at the final stage of larval development. This secretion consists of two proteins. Fibroin and sericin proteins are the main components that make up the silk cocoon. Fibroin is a soft, white and shiny fiber that forms the outer part and is a glycoprotein consisting of a heavy chain and two chains linked by light chain and disulfide bonds.
Fibroin is a protein in fiber structure and is a material that stands out with its superior material properties, as well as its biocompatibility, biodegradability, high strength and toughness, and easy processing. Cell culture studies find use as a scaffold in wound dressing, drug release, enzyme immobilization, and bone/tissue engineering.
The product is produced aseptically and causes a low biological load and is therefore not considered sterile. If BUGAMED Silk Fibroin is to be used in cell culture studies, the use of antibiotics is recommended.
Product packaging options:
  • BUGAMED SILK FIBROIN, Solutions, 50 mg/mL, sterile filtrated, 20 ml

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